Best Android TV Box: Overall $250.00

Bullet King S22 The Bullet King S22 is an absolute beast, and our best overall Android device. Powered by an Amlogic S922X Hexa-Core CPU, 4GB of DDR4 RAM and a whopping 64Gb of storage, it’s easily the highest performing Android TV box to date. There’s more to the Bullet King S22 than just the raw numbers. One of the biggest improvements is the S922X 64 Bit Hexa Core processor that adds 8K Playback, Gigabyte Ethernet and Dual Band WiFi. The Bullet S22 incorporates an all new aluminum enclosure that provides an elegant design with excellent thermal reduction. Let’s be honest though. The Bullet King S22 is not cheap but its well worth the investment. It’s natural to make comparisons but, with it’s amazing performance, beautiful metal case and the added 8K playback, custom firmware and gigabyte ethernet , it’s definitely in a league of its own. The Bullet King S22 is simply the Ultimate Media Player running a Highly Optimized Custom Android TV operating system. If you’re tired of cheap Android boxes that you need to upgrade every couple of years, then the Bullet King S22 is a great way to future proof your system.


Best Android TV Box: Runner Up $170.00

Bullet X3 Here you’re getting the amazing Amlogic S905X3. Where the Bullet Box X3 really shines is it’s whopping 32GB of storage space. When you combine that with the full 4GB of onboard system Ram memory and an HDMI 2.0 port, Gigabyte Ethernet, Gigabyte WiFi, USB 3.0 you’ve got the power to easily play 4K videos at 60 fps. With our Custom Firmware this is an excellent proven performer!

Best Android TV Box: Overall Value $140

Bullet Box Ultima It's pretty hard to beat this combination. A brushed aluminum case with an Amlogic S905X processor at an affordable price. A Quad-Core 64 bit Arm Cortex A53 with an Arm Mali 450 GPU. This 64 bit CPU workhorse running our Custom software easily supports 4K at 60ps.


Must Have :Amlogic CPU

The first “must have” feature is an Amlogic CPU. They’re not the only CPU-maker for Android boxes, but they’re easily the best performing and most reliable. Amlogic has been making the brains behind most Android boxes for almost a decade . Quality Android TV boxes run Amlogic CPU’s. From S905X,S905X2,S905X3 to S922x Amlogic CPU's are simply the best. I won’t even consider an Android box without it.


Must Have :System Memory RAM

The next thing to look for is 2 or better still 4 gigabytes of RAM. However, there’s a little bit more flexibility in this rule than the others, so let me explain. Most Android boxes come with somewhere between 1 GB and 4 GB of memory. Although more is better, there’s a point of diminishing return after 4 gigabytes. System Memory (RAM) affects how snappy it feels when you’re moving around menus and It’s a big factor in how smooth video playback is. Sure network speed is a important, and we’ll get to that next but the video file needs to be loaded into memory before it can be displayed on your screen. Bullet Boxes are specifically tuned to get the maximum performance out of their onboard RAM.


Must Have: A Quality Internet Connection

If you want the best, most consistent, performance out of your Android box you will need a quality internet connection. Hook it up via an Ethernet cable if you can . Although Wi-Fi speeds have come a long way in recent years we have added a lot of wireless devices to our home networks over that same time. The more devices on your network, the less bandwidth is available for each of those devices. We realize that not everybody has the option of connecting your Android TV box to your network with an Ethernet cable, and that’s OK too. If you want to use Wi-Fi look for one of our Bullet boxes with an external antenna which will give you the very best Wi-Fi reception. We recommend a minimum of 30mbps for each person in the house.